Faster, Simpler, Safety — Welcome New Additions, Updates and Fixes at Wallmer

Hey everyone 👋,

It’s been about a month and a half since we launched Wallmer, folks. Can you believe it? We really hope our crypto platform is living up to your expectations and meeting all your needs. While you’re busy using the platform or just getting the hang of it, our team is working hard to make it even more user-friendly, secure, and useful for everyone.

And hey, we’ve got some awesome news for you today! We’ve put together a short report with all the latest updates to the platform. You can see all the new features we’ve added, as well as any fixes or improvements we’ve made based on your feedback. Check it out and let us know what you think!


  • [Portfolio Tracker] — Token/asset icons have been added
  • [Portfolio Tracker] — Portfolio update speed has been increased
  • [Portfolio Tracker] — Binance Flexible Earn has been added to the exchange
  • [Wallet] — Recalculation of fees during asset transfers has been updated
  • [Telegram Bot] — Alpha version of the Telegram bot has been launched ➡️


  • [Portfolio] — Update to the key update procedure (in case they are incorrect)


  • [Wallet] — Updated wallet sorting dropdown
  • [Wallet] — Fixed commission and bugs for some tokens
  • [Dashboard] — Updated data display
  • [Notifications] — Added new notifications
  • [Exchange] — Fixed activation of the button when exchanging funds to a custom address

We continue to work hard to provide you with the best service and features. Now the team is fully immersed in working on new updates, which we are sure you will see very soon 😉🐳

The Wallmer team

 P. S. Stay tuned, the Wallmer community! Follow our social networks and be the first to know the latest news.

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