Introducing Wallmer’s New Community Section: Follow Crypto Portfolios and Stay Trendy!

In a move to bring the cryptocurrency community closer together, Wallmer is excited to introduce its latest feature – the Community Section. Now, you can subscribe to crypto portfolios and stay informed about their changes, receiving notifications whenever there’s a shift.

At the outset, this section features two categories:

1. Following:

  • See a list of crypto portfolios you’re subscribed to.
  • Keep a close watch on their performance and changes.
  • Stay updated in real-time.

2. Trending:

  • Explore a curated list of trending crypto portfolios.
  • Discover portfolios that are currently making waves based on various metrics.
  • Stay ahead of the game with the latest insights.
  • With the Community Section, Wallmer aims to foster a sense of community among crypto enthusiasts and traders. Connect with others, share your insights, and stay in tune with the trends shaping the crypto world.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and features as Wallmer continues to evolve!

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